Maxiweb Internet Provider

Looking Glass - Maxiweb Internet Provider (AS 28140)

Type of Query Additional parameters (X=) Router
 sh ip bgp X
 sh ip bgp X (with graph)
 sh ip bgp regexp X
 sh ip bgp summary
 ping X
 traceroute X (with icmp+udp packets)
 traceroute (MTR) X (with icmp packets / better way)



Disclaimer: All commands will be logged for possible later analysis and statistics. If you don't like this policy, please disconnect now!
Atencao: Todos os comandos sao logados para analise posterior e geracao de estatisticas. Se vc nao concorda com esta politica, saia daqui!

Results with hundreds of lines will be truncated!
Resultados com centenas de linhas serao truncados!

We fully drop RPKI invalid routes!
Eliminamos totalmente as rotas que derem como invalidas no RPKI!

More Information: RIPEstat - - DFZ Analysis - PeeringDB
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